What do I write about?

I give practical tips and useful explainers for how to communicate with, support, encourage, and resolve conflict with every Enneagram type.

This stuff is the real deal. Applying it will really change your life. Just ask my cousin:

“Listen y’all, my cousin knows her shiz and she’s helped not only myself, but also my boyfriend understand how we think and process things differently and together. She’s the reallll deal!!! Plus she’s funny and smart and has a cat and a husband that looks like Jesus so you should definitely talk to her!” - Emily (Type 4)


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I’m a certified Enneagram coach. Visit my coaching page below for a free Enneagram assessment and to book a free consultation.

Learning about yourself has never been more fascinating, within reach, or easy to apply to change your life.

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Tell Me More about Coaching

Why the Enneagram?

Think of an argument you had recently with your spouse or coworker or family member. You got one? I bet they had their point of view and you had yours, and neither of you really understood the other’s.

The Enneagram is a really great tool for this situation. It explains the different lenses that people use to view the world.

By learning about your Enneagram type, and others’ Enneagram types, you can save yourself a lot of arguments.

Why now?

When I decided to do something about the perfectionism that was taking over my life, studying my Enneagram personality turned out to be a very effective tool.

I’m a Type 1 - The Perfectionist. Type 1s view the world through an idealized lens and are constantly frustrated when the real world doesn’t match their ideal. Thus the motivation behind my perfectionism is a desire to be seen as good and right.

I have experienced so much relief and growth by understanding my motivations and how they lead to my behaviors in life.

What I’ve learned is too important to keep to myself. I quit my job to become a full-time Enneagram coach to help others experience the same kind of growth that I have had, both at work and at home.

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I provide readers with real applicable tips to better communicate with the people in their lives. These tips help resolve and prevent arguments, build trust and empathy, and improve self-awareness which leads to producing better work with less effort.



I'm a Type 1 - The Perfectionist. I want everything to be right/good, and I'm gonna do something about it if it's not. Learning to grow as a Type 1 means I'm becoming more flexible, more spontaneous, and less self-critical. It is the BIGGEST relief!