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Aug 30, 2022Liked by Leah

In a similar vein, Imposter Syndrome appears the same way - we have a fear that someone/everyone knows more than us, or has a better grasp on something that we never will.

And while it is certainly true that "someone" knows more than us about a topic, and some certainly have a better understanding of it, not "everyone" around us does, and for a lot of those "everyones", they are feeling exactly the same way - insecure about their competency of a given topic and feeling like an imposter who doesn't belong.

So the sooner we accept that not "everyone" has it figured out, and everybody is just trying to get by (and some are good at faking it), we can open up a space for us to accept our current level of competency, while seeing those further along the path as representing a goal for us to reach (if we really want) or at least engage with them like they are a mentor (if possible).

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