That angry, stressed, annoyed voice who shows up sometime.
Charming, energetic, self-assured achievers.
Special shoutout to Abe Sorock for being the first to tell me I need to learn to iterate 😄
I keep a running tally of lies I've used this process against (25+). It hasn't failed me yet!
TLDR: the Enneagram explains YOUR customized path to personal growth
A process for working through unpleasant feelings
Enneagram Type 1s really don't like feedback. This is a big deal.
The loyal, dutiful, hardworking, problem-solvers.
Here are some practical tips and insights for how to affirm, encourage, and deal with the people in your life, according to their Enneagram type.
Ok, it's a strange looking word. I get it! Ennea = 9️⃣. Gram = 🌟 An "enneagram" is simply a 9-pointed star 9️⃣🌟
Resolve arguments with your co-founder, spouse, children, coworkers and parents!
Driven by a desire for success, Type 3s are energetic, ambitious, and competent.